Social Media For The Complete Moron

by TheBossyRedhead on February 26, 2012

A few years back I was driving in the car with my favorite uncle Bob and we were talking about various crazy people we’d encountered along the way and he said to me, “Shell, we’re the only normal ones left.” To which I replied, “And as soon as I get out of the car, its just you right?” and we had a good laugh.

But seriously, people are crazy. I just had a girl send me a “friend” request me on my personal facebook account and I accepted the “friend” request only to immediate have a post on MY wall TELLING me to go to her Fan Page and “Like” her. … DISLIKE. I feel a Bossy Redhead Rant coming up.

I’m sorry but if this is your marketing technique you seriously need to reevaluate why you are in business. This particular person had a printing business. Are you kidding me? I can go ANYWHERE to get printing reasonably priced. I use my printer “Beast Printing” – well partially because of the catchy name but mostly because this company is all about customer service. They provide excellent customer care – have helped me in a pinch turn around jobs in less than a day and all of their work is stellar.

They have NEVER shoved their business down my throat, never posted on MY wall – never even asked me to promote their business. ALL they do – is do a good job and make me feel important. I know they have hundreds of clients but I always feel like I’m the most important job they have at that given moment. I feel like a VIP.

Hello Gary Vaynerchuck – isn’t that all you ever preach? Isn’t that what you’ve told us in CRUSH IT and the Thank You Economy (which I liked even more than CRUSH IT)?? As Gary VEE always tells us, this is the age of the CUSTOMER. Get a grip if you think you are going to trick us into working with you or blow some smoke and use interweb mirrors to get me to use your product if you don’t take the time to care about your customers.

I keep saying we are lving in the time of “Main Street At Your Finger Tips” ( I love that term so much I bought the domain.) Main Street got lost for awhile – anyone my age or older (my age being 29 forever) will remember the days before the interwebs where we actually went into town to support our local businesses and were loyal customers if we were treated right.
Main Street At Your Fingertips
Finally after a hiatus of customer service, we are now coming back to that “main street” mentality except it is occurring online – with social media and blogs where we build relationships all over the world with customers we truly care about and service well (hopefully).

So here is my bit of advice from this rant: Don’t go out “friend” requesting people on social media only to vomit on them with what you want from them…blah blah here is my business…like me like me. Not only does it remind everyone of that one girl or guy in high school that just chased after them and turned them off completely because of their neediness, but it is also just a turn off as a customer because you have no rigiht to ask something of someone without developing a relationship with them…offering something that offers value. Ever heard of attraction marketing????

Redhead Rant Out!

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Deborah Peters February 26, 2012 at 3:27 am

I’m not sure why Social Media has blinded people….they’ve mistaken accessibility for proper business conduct. As informal as it all is, that line should not be crossed. Just because “you can” doesn’t mean you should, we all have the ability to send people to our fan/business page in seconds..but it should not be the “first tap” on a new potential client’s shoulder. Someone who hasn’t seen your personal page or at least heard from you a few times via twitter, youtube, etc. We wouldn’t do that to anyone in person on a sales call, right? or maybe this person would, which would be a short-lived career!


TheBossyRedhead February 26, 2012 at 3:37 am

I completely agree Deb and that is what led me to this rant. Because this person “friended” me on Facebook and then as the first act of interaction with me tried to get me to go to her business page, I don’t feel like I want to give any business to that person. Again, I see nothing wrong with advertising what you do once in a while on YOUR page I just don’t want someone posting on MY wall when I don’t even know them.


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