Consistency is Key

by TheBossyRedhead on March 13, 2012

Success is a funny thing.

It sits there for many people as this elusive carrot that “someday, somehow” they will achieve. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve worked with that get caught up in one thing after the other and never really stick with something until success is actually achieved. It is in the confusion of doing too many things that success becomes so far off and why most people never achieve those lofty dreams they have.

Now don’t misunderstand me, I didn’t say you shouldn’t have BIG HAIRY GOALS. In fact, if you don’t have them, then I’m a little worried for you to begin with. What I am saying is that in order to achieve those enormous goals you have to do the little things each and every day that will take you one step closer.

On my desk I have a paperweight that says,

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

I love that quote because it reminds us all that we don’t suddenly catapult to the end of the journey through some magic tool or luck of the draw, no – we get to that destination with each and every step. You can’t skip ahead…you have to put one foot in front of the other.

So think about what you are good at.

Are you a good writer? Then blog every day. Are you great with Facebook? Then get out there and interact in a selfless and caring way as much as possible. Perhaps you love twitter? Then really learn the nuances of retweets, direct messages, hashtags and replies. Make sure you have a good sales funnel to direct those people that you reach to make your job easier.

Work hard each and every day at one thing until you reach successPut your head down and work! It takes consistent effort over time to get to the point of momentum for any business. I have a friend who ran a Dunkin’ Donuts franchise and it took him TWO YEARS of “time to make the donuts” – getting up at 3AM to drive to the store to “make the donuts” before he finally turned a small profit!!! Are you kidding me? I am in love with my business because I can work it ANY TIME of day, I can do it in my jammies if I want (although that won’t be a video day for me…) and just by consistently doing the WORK, I have achieved the level of success most people only dream of.

So yes, dream away…but save that part for night time. When you are up and working, then WORK. Be productive. Create small tiny goals for yourself to achieve each day. For me, I don’t stop working until I reach 10 new people (and that is really a low number). Some days, I will get immediate results and others it takes me a few more hours, but I recommend you start with getting 2 leads a day. Don’t stop working until you have 2 leads in your sales funnel. Then, when you get that done every single day for two weeks, increase the number to five, then ten… you get the picture.

Achieving success really is a simple formula.

What happens is people MAKE it harder. They think…it can’t be something so simple there must be secrets and courses and gurus I have to hire! I really hope you are reading this before you are too far into that line of thought process. I can save you a lot of time and energy.

Consistency is the key. Pick one or two things you enjoy and that you can improve at and do it for 30 days straight. After that – get back to me and tell me I was right!

Bossy Redhead OUT!

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Deborah Peters March 19, 2012 at 8:33 pm

You really hit a chord here! You are so right, do what you do best and COMMIT! So many times right on facebook, I'll get a new art "friend" and right after friending they write on my wall: "Where do I find the buyers?" First, I want to drag them by the neck through the "social media etiquette class"!! Then I go see their work – which is not at the level it needs to be for the professional side of selling it. Same with social media, after 6 months of doing and sharing, I get asked by others who have not put their toe in the water : "So, is it working?!" Meaning – what sales have come from it? Meanwhile they've completely missed the reality of building ROI on customer relationship building! Which has to come first and should be their first question. There's a "Dollop from Deborah" – OUT!


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